Łukasz Ziętek



Łukasz Ziętek is a photographer who combines fashion and art in his works. He is into the aesthetic of streetwear and lifestyle; his photographs are natural but full of expression at the same time. Sport, dance, motorization, and architecture are the frequent themes of his works.

Łukasz has created the campaigns all over the World for such brands as Adidas, BMW, CCC, Chivas, Cropp, Huawei, Jameson, L’Oreal, MINI, MISBHV, New Balance, Nike, Pernod Ricard, Philip Morris, Red Bull, Reebok, Samsung, T-Mobile, and Kross.

Another aspect of Łukasz work is portraying people of culture and show-business. He was trusted by Tomasz Kot, Natalia Nykiel, Dawid Podsiadło, Weronika Rosati, Wilhelm Sasnal, Andrzej Saramonowicz, Maciej Stuhr, Kenzo Takada, Mariusz Treliński, Robert Więckiewicz, Giuseppe Zanotti, Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska.