Robert Wolański



Robert Wolański graduated from the Department of Cinematography at the Lodz Film School.

He lived and worked in Paris. He worked there in French TV stations and at the camera department in film and advertising.

Robert has been working successfully in Poland for all the leading magazines and advertising agencies. His long list of clients includes L’Oreal, Garnier, Timotei, Nivea, Soraya, Dr Irena Eris, Samsung, Rage Age, Próchnik, Bytom, Hexeline, Monnari, Vistula, Wólczanka, W. Kruk, Wittchen, Lexus, Citroen, Peugeot and Ferrero.

Almost all the leading Polish artists stood in front of his camera: actors, directors, singers, painters, television stars, public figures, celebrities. He has also cooperated with international personalities, such as Patricia Kaas, Pierce Brosnan, Taylor Hackford, Gabriela Sabattini, among others.

He has been working with many theatres, including the Grand Theater and the National Opera, creating visuals for main productions as well as executing his ideas and publications. He is the author of the photography project along one of the most famous opera productions of the recent years, “Powder Her Face”, directed by Mariusz Treliński. Robert is also a recognised artist honoured with numerous awards, including Idea Awards, Chimera, GrandFront and Hestia Artistic Award.