Anna Włoch

Photographer / Still Photographer


Photographer Anna Włoch graduated from the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, and the International Center of Photography and the Aperture Foundation Program in New York.

Anna specializes in documentary and portrait photography, as well as film stills and frames. She has shot on the sets of numerous film productions, including HIGH LIFE (dir. Clair Denis), AFTERIMAGE (dir. Andrzej Wajda) and THE INNOCENTS (dir. Anne Fontaine), as well as the TV series  for the Polish network TVN and Netflix. She’s also worked on the sets of music videos, including Radiohead’s I PROMISE.

Anna has shot personages including Nobel laureate Czesław Miłosz, choreographer Pina Bausch and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.

Anna has shot a range of documentary series, during the Sea Shepherd campaign in the Antarctic and the Earthrace environmental campaign in Costa Rica; in Congo and Rwanda she photographed life after the civil war.