Kuba Tomaszewicz



Editor by profession, musicologist by training – both by passion. Kuba has edited over 350 commercials and more than 100 music videos. As the KTR 2019 Award winner for THE LAB campaign, Kuba’s musical sensitivity and attention to detail makes him a truly flexible editor. Kuba was awarded two KTR 2020 Awards for Editing – for KAMP’s music video (dir. Piotr Matejkowski) and Havana Club’s campaign (dir. Piotr Matejkowski).

Kuba likes to play with various creative techniques to achieve the best work. His portfolio includes campaigns for clients like Nike, Samsung, Skoda, H&M, McDonald’s, Puma, Mastercard, Nokia, PKO, Play, and Plus, to name a few.

Kuba has edited music videos for well-known Polish musicians and bands, eg.: Brodka, PRO8L3M, Bass Astral, The Dumplings, Schafter and Kamp! (MELT music video is one of Vimeo Staff Picks).

Kuba worked on the documentary RADIO SIRIRI, which premiered in 2019, and a Polish feature film KRYPTONIM POLSKA (dir. Piotr Kumik) to be premiered in September 2022. Currently Kuba works on the upcoming HBO TV series.