Piotr Starzyk

1st AD


1st AD with passion for managing set, working with actors, staging, and building mise en scène. Piotr is also screenwriter and upcoming director.

While on set, he provides proficient creative support, and is proactive on scene-building. Piotr is a great fit with directors who need help with building a creative team, which collides, but maintains the same goals. He prefers a marathon to sprints.

Speaking fluent English, he has a great deal of experience with multilingual movie sets. He has the ability to wide language adaptation, e.g., he worked on a feature film DELEGATION directed by Asaf Saban, which is a fully Hebrew-speaking movie.

Piotr works on music videos and commercial projects, he’s done work for brands as McDonald’s, Apple, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Desperados, Decathlon and many more.