Ładne Rzeczy

Production Designers' duo


Ładne Rzeczy is the production design duo of Kasia Pielużek and Ewelina Rosłaniec. For more than six years, they’ve been taking on the challenges of both commercial and artistic projects. They enhance their love for simplicity and minimalism with tools and inspirations from the visual arts, broadly understood.

The high standards they set for themselves at the start of each project translate into rich, complex results, where the artistic sense goes hand in hand with the requirements of the budget and the client’s needs. In their collaborations they value transparency, a common vision and a friendly atmosphere.

They’ve worked on projects for clients including Polish e-commerce site Allegro, McDonald’s, YES, Papaya Global, IBM, TikTok, Adidas, Fortuneo, Samsung, Huawei, Price FX, Lay’s and L’Oreal.

Kasia and Ewelina are music lovers, so they’ve found fulfilment in working on videos for artists including Quebonafide, Taco Hemingway, Pezet, KAMP!, Karaś/Rogucki and Lola Marsh.