Patrycja Piróg



Patrycja is a versatile editor who brings magic to features, short films, commercials, and music videos. With both her own editing studio and extensive experience editing on set, she seamlessly transforms raw footage into compelling narratives. Her editing is defined by deep empathy, rhythm, emotion, experimentation, and narrative coherence.

Her feature debut, “Songs About Love,” received rave reviews and clinched the top spot in the micro-budget film competition at the 2021 Polish Film Festival. Most recently, she edited “The Peasants,” the Polish entry for the Oscars, directed by DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman. This film received awards at the 2024 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and later at the Polish Film Awards. Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to this film.

She has worked on commercials for clients such as Samsung, McDonald’s, Adidas, Puma, Pepsi, Desperados, Allegro, Renault, Netflix, Disney+ and mBank. As a true music enthusiast, she thrives in the rhythmic world of music video editing, creating pieces for artists such as Quebonafide, Brodka, Otsochodzi, Rebeka, and Szczyl.