Montell Taraschewski

Director of Photography


Polish-German Director of Photography Montell brings his international perspective to life behind the lens. After graduating from the prestigious International Film School in Cologne, Germany, he’s established himself across music videos, commercials, and series.

Montell excels in the fast-paced world of commercials. His collaborations with renowned brands like Nike, Birkenstock, Puma, and BMW showcase a talent for crafting memorable visuals. But his passion extends beyond commercials.

He thrives on creative partnerships, having brought his expertise to music videos for a diverse range of artists, for example Paul Kalkbrenner, SZA, Jan-Rapowanie and Casper. These projects highlight Montell’s ability to bridge cultural divides through a shared visual language.

While excelling in commercials, Montell keeps his pace. He’s currently working on his feature film debut alongside German director Kai Kreuser. This project promises to be a captivating testament to Montell’s ever-evolving visual storytelling.