Piotrek Matejkowski is a director for crafting visually compelling commercials that leave a lasting impact on globally recognized brands.

Having directed commercials for brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Adidas, Apple, Kross, Pekao, Desperados, Reserved, Puma, and Decathlon.

His proficiency extends beyond commercials, encompassing music videos for both emerging and established bands. Piotrek also directed a short film titled 7 FACTS, which tells the story of media misinformation.

Driven by a passion for travel, coupled with his creativity, determination, and inquisitiveness, Piotr has made videos in diverse locales, including Rio de Janeiro, USA, Bangkok, Bali, and Spain. Piotr’s artistic vision aims to weave unforgettable stories, effortlessly navigating between genres and prioritizing authenticity.

Calm, confident, and laser-focused, Piotrek emerges as the natural choice for steering the direction of original ideas. His projects have garnered widespread recognition, with numerous nominations, selections, and awards at esteemed festivals such as the Los Angeles Cinefest, Berlin Music Video Awards, Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, Shots Awards, Epica Awards, Polish Music Video Awards, and KTR Awards.