Martinez is a director known for his creative approach to commercials, branded content, and documentaries. He has a strong focus on using new production techniques, such as integrating artificial intelligence and virtual production into storytelling, thereby elevating traditional narratives into immersive experiences. One of the most important examples is T-Mobile’s campaign created using AI image generation technology, and the teaser for the film “1939.COM,” entirely based on AI.

He is known for his dynamism and desire to collaborate with extensive creative teams. His proficiency in collaborating with other directors and cinematographers is evident in his successful work as a cinematographer on various commercials and critically acclaimed films such as Tomasz Wasilewski’s IN A BEDROOM.

His music video for Electric Light Orchestra, a skillful combination of virtual production techniques and artificial intelligence-generated visuals, has received worldwide recognition, winning around 20 international awards, including Best Director Award at the Europe Music Video Awards and Best Music Video at the New York International Film Awards.

Martinez has created campaigns for clients including Red Bull, Netflix, Snickers, Visa Cards, Rockstar, T-Mobile, Lotto, Top Gear, Plus, Sony, beBIO, Media Markt, Martini, Cropp, Orlen, Wasa, Burn, Carrefour, PGE, and Manta. Additionally, he has shot several documentaries for Red Bull Media House, demonstrating his ability to tell real stories.