Maciej Marcisz



Maciej Marcisz is a screenwriter and one of the most popular young writers in Poland. As a screenwriter and consultant, he collaborated with director Łukasz Ronduda and now collaborates with director Kamil Krawczycki. One of his novels is currently being adapted into a screenplay, with his involvement.

He is the author of short stories and three novels: “Family Tapes” (2019), “Book about Friendship” (2021), and “Zodiac Signs” (premiering in 2024). His other writings have appeared in publications such as Vogue Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza, and Magazyn Pismo.

Maciej is a graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Łódź Film School. For over a decade, he has been working in the publishing industry, and in 2018, he assumed the position of Head of Marketing and PR at the Foksal Publishing Group, which includes publishers like W.A.B., Uroboros, and Buchmann.