Marta Mach



Emerging from being a founder and art director of a lifestyle magazine in her own and commisioned films, she predominantly focuses on narrative storytelling.

She combines emphasis on a strong and significant aesthetics with the obsession of finding the element of truth in every fictional story. Whether it would be natural lightining, real emotions or putting documetary elements into commercial, she wants the story to be easy to grasp, even if what we see on a screen is a magical realism.

In her own and commercial works, she takes up social issues such as gender equality, women empowerment, LGBTQIA+ minority rights, climate change, sustainable growth. Her special skill is working with non-professional actors.

Her work has been celebrated by clients such as Medicine, Halfprice, Levis, and 4F, and she continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, inspiring us to see the world anew.