Laura Pawela



Laura Pawela is a Polish film editor and an established visual and video artist who is a member of both the Polish and European Film Academy. Laura graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and is currently pursuing her PhD studies at Lodz Film School, where she conducts classes in video art.

Her latest project, ABORTION DREAM TEAM, premieres at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival and is participating in several competitions, including one for the Best Polish Film.

In 2022, Laura was nominated for the Polish Academy Award in the Best Film Editing category for ESCAPE OF THE SILVER GLOBE (alongside Izabela Pająk), directed by Kuba Mikurda. Her latest collaboration with Mikurda, SOLARIS MON AMOUR, was showcased at the 14th Shanghai Biennale: Cosmos Cinema.

In her recent practice, she focuses on the creative use of archival film materials, exploring innovative techniques. She has delved into various formats, ranging from multichannel video projections, video essays, web documentaries, to short narrative forms, and movie trailers.

Laura is also known for her exceptional editing of trailers and teasers.