Monika Kmita



Monika’s visual journey, stemming from photography to directing, exudes a feminine aesthetic with a sharp focus on compelling visuals. She collaborated with a diverse array of actors, artists, and personalities and finds true pleasure in working with them, a good example would be Anja Rubik or Ralph Kamiński.

Driven by a commitment to truth in contemporary storytelling, Monika’s unique visual language captivates through memorable imagery. She shares her passion for fashion projects is deeply ingrained in her creative journey. Noteworthy brand collaborations include Yes, CCC, McDonald’s, H&M, IKEA, Johnnie Walker, Answear, Magnum, Netflix, Rimmel, and Vogue.

Passionate about social issues, Monika extends her directorial prowess to personal projects, crafting fictional shorts. Recognized in the industry, she served as a jury member for the YouTube Works competition. Monika’s impact lies in her ability to seamlessly blend commercial success with authentic storytelling, making her a dynamic force in the world of directing.

Monika was awarded the Director of the Year title by the Media Marketing Polska report in 2024.