Paweł Demirski

Writer & Director


Paweł writes for the stage and screen. His work was recognized with the 2010 Paszport award from Polityka weekly in the category of theater. Paweł has written scripts and dialog for ARTYŚCI (ARTISTS), one of the most ambitious Polish TV series of recent years, which provides an insider’s look at the world of the theater. He has written about 30 plays, all of which have been staged.

In Spring 2021, the National Stary Theatre published the book TEKSTY DLA (STAREGO) TEATRU, a collection of works by Paweł that had been staged at the theater. Filming is already finished on Paweł’s debut film, ZAPRAWDĘ, HITLER UMARŁ (HITLER REALLY DID DIE), a Studio Munka production which he’s working on with Monika Strzepka.

Paweł plays bass in the group Czerwone Świnie.