Kuba Bujas



Kuba Bujas directs commercials, music videos and video installations. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, in the faculties of Graphics and Painting, and drew and painted professionally for several years. Kuba started his adventure in the advertising world creating comprehensive campaigns for fashion brands. Until 2021 he was part of the directorial duo Bujas/Kosz.

Kuba’s directorial debut for the fashion brand House won the KTR Award for best fashion commercial in 2017 from Poland’s Advertising Creators’ Club. He’s worked with brands including Allegro, Pepsico, Desperados, Echo Investments, Eobuwie, Huawei, ING, McDonald’s, T-Mobile, mBank, LuxMed, Opener Festival, PKO BP, and PriceFx.

Kuba has also worked on music videos for some of Poland’s best-known artists, including PRO8L3M, Szczyl, Syny, Włodi, Rosalie, 1988 and JWP, with as many as three making newonce’s list of the top 30 videos in the history of Polish rap.

The most important thing in Kuba’s work is telling a story that moves and engages the viewer. His aesthetic sensibility has been greatly influenced by the city of Warsaw, particularly his experience of growing up in the Polish capital in the 1990s.