Łukasz Bąk

Photographer / Still Photographer


Łukasz Bąk is a photographer specializing in stills photography and portraits. He graduated from the faculty of Photography at Film School in Lodz, Poland.

He has created the exceptional stills of such recognised films as Kuba Czekaj’s ‘Baby Bump’ and ‘The Erlprince’, Jan Jakub Kolski’s ‘Ułaskawienie’, Adrian Panek’s ‘Werewolf’, Maciej Pieprzyca’s ‘Icarus’, and Paweł Pawlikowski’s ‘Cold War’.

Łukasz’s stills are frequently the official promotional materials. The photography of the main characters taken during the ‘Cold War’ set has showcased the film internationally and achieved worldwide recognition.

Łukasz’s photographs are the auctorial version of events on film sets, the impression of the photographed characters’ world.

Portraying artists and actors is another aspect of Łukasz work. In front of his camera stood numerous people of culture, including Agata Trzebuchowska, Katarzyna Herman, and the Nobel Prize Winner Olga Tokarczuk, just to name a few.