Wiktor Franko



Wiktor Franko has been working for more than a decade as a commercial and artistic photographer. His works have been shown in individual and group exhibitions in cities including London, Berlin and Warsaw. Since 2018 he has been a Fujifilm brand ambassador.

Wiktor’s work encompasses classic black-and-white portraits; lifestyle series; and surrealistic conceptual works. He’s an aficionado of traditional photography techniques. Wiktor says what’s most important for him is a unique atmosphere, sincerity, humor and the element of surprise.

He’s worked for Polish fashion brands including Medicine, Ryłko, Bialcon and Moliera 2. He also shoots portraits of musicians for top record labels. Wiktor has worked on album covers and promotional shoots for artists including Daria Zawiałow, Ten Typ Mes, Arek Kłusowski, Paulina Przybysz and Kroki.

Wiktor’s work has been published in photography, fashion and lifestyle publications including Italy’s Fashion World Magazine, Oppa Magazine in the UK, France’s Cleptafire, Iceland’s Reykjavik Boulevard Magazine, America’s Papercut Magazine and China’s Prime Magazine. In Poland he’s worked with publications including Label Magazine, Foto, Charaktery and Art and Business, including numerous cover shoots. He's currently working with the magazine Kraft.