Vadim d'Erceville

drone / aerial video


Vadim is an expert in aerial photography. His scope of experience is reflected in countless commercials, feature films and tv series produced both in Poland and internationally. See below for the list of equipment that Vadim operates with. Vadim also designs his own car mounts, line cams and rovers, he doesn’t take no for an answer.

1x Freefly MoviPro, 1x Dji Ronin 2

1xFreefly Alta 8, 1xDji Inspire 2 X7, 1xDji Matrice 600 Pro, 1xDji Inspire 2 X5S, 1xDji Phantom 4 Pro, 1xDrone with 1000W LED lamp


Vadim d'Erceville - drone / aerial video | showreel | 2017
Toyota Land Cruiser I commercial I 2015
Wataha / The Pack I tv series - season 2 I 2016
Pakt / The Pact I tv series - season 1 I 2016
BMW X3 in collaboration with Specialized Bicycles I commercial I 2017
Pitbull: New Orders I feature film I 2016
Vodaphone I commercial I 2016