Przemek Dzienis



Przemek Dzienis is a photographer and director. He creates simple in form, but precise compositions. His commercial works, as well as artistic ones, are inspired by sculpture and other spatial forms.

Przemek has made the campaigns for such brands as Orska, Diverse, Almi Decor or Nenukko, just to name a few. Moreover, he created food editorials for Kukbuk Magazine. His is known for his recognizable style of portraying people of culture and show-business. He has co-operated with Artur Rojek, Agata Buzek, and Manuela Gretkowska.

Przemek also expresses himself as the director of shorts and music videos, e.g. for Monika Brodka and Karaś/Rogucki band.

His photographs were shown on solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad (Fotogalerie Wien, Circulations Paris, A Factory Liverpool, Platan Budapest).


Krzysztof Zalewski - Annuszka | commercial | dir. Przemek Dzienis/Brodka | PL | 2020
WŁODI/1988 - NOLOVE (SŁŻ,SŁŻ) | music video | dir. Przemek Dzienis | PL | 2020
Julia Wieniawa - SMRC | music video | dir. Przemek Dzienis | PL | 2020
Król - Tak Jak Ty | Music Video | dir. Przemek Dzienis | PL | 2021
Nenukko - Canada | commercial | dir. Przemek Dzienis | PL | 2019
Teatr Syrena - Princes Ivona | teaser | dir. Przemek Dzienis | PL | 2019