Olga Nejbauer

make up artist


Olga was a key make-up artist on A HEART OF LOVE directed by Łukasz Ronduda which premiered at Rotterdam IFF and Berlinale IFF in 2017. She was also responsible for make-up on PLANET SINGLE, directed by Mitja Okorn, which was a hit at the Polish box office and JULIUSZ, directed by Aleksander Pietrzak, which premiered in Gdynia Film Festival in 2018.

Previously Olga collaborated with acclaimed film directors such as Jerzy Skolimowski, Łukasz Barczyk, and Kuba Czekaj, with whom she made BABY BUMP which received a Special Mention in the Queer Lion competition at the Venice Film Festival. She also works on various TV series such as PISARZE (dir. Paweł Maślona) and the show The Voice of Poland (TVN).

Recently, she was a makeup artist for the Netflix Poland original film EROTICA 2022. She also worked on the upcoming film ALL OUR FEARS (dir. Łukasz Ronduda) and W LESIE DZIŚ NIE ZAŚNIE NIKT (dir. Bartosz M. Kowalski).


W lesie dziś nie zaśnie nikt | feature film | dir. Bartosz M. Kowalski | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2020
Juliusz | feature film | dir. Aleksander Pietrzak | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2018
Piątnica - Serek Wiejski | commercial | dir. Jakubowska/Gronowski (M&S) | dop Mikołaj Syguda (M&S) | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2018
A Heart of Love - trailer | feature film | dir. Łukasz Ronduda (M&S) | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2017
ORGANEK - Czarna Madonna | music video | dir. Jerzy Skolimowski | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2017
Planet Single - trailer | feature film | dir. Mitja Okorn | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2017
Ole Ole! - Great Ole! | dir. Anna Maliszewska | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2019
Baby Bump | feature film | dir. Kuba Czekaj (M&S) | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2016
Ślady. Rzecz o pamięci | five promo films | The Warsaw Rising Museum | dir. Jakubowska/Gronowski (M&S) | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2015