Norbert Możdżyński

stunt / precision driver / grip


Norbert is a grip specialist for special tasks - he assembles, secures, and operates image recording devices on all motor vehicles, carts, and camera cranes. In addition, Norbert is a film stunt specializing in preparing and securing car stunts and a precision driver of hero cars, chase cars, and camera cars.

Norbert works in Poland and Central Europe. He has worked on several feature films, including BAD BOY, and THE COLDEST GAME. He has helped create commercials for brands such as Panasonic and T-Mobile, and has worked on music videos, including Radiohead's I PROMISE. He has also worked on productions for large Polish TV broadcasters such as Canal+ Poland, and for international streaming services such as HBO and Netflix.


Artur Rojek - Sportowe życie | dir. Michał Marczak (M&S) | music video | russian arm (motocrane) / precision driver Norbert Możdżyński | PL | 2020
Radiohead - I Promise | music video | dir. Michał Marczak (M&S) | dp Monika Lenczewska (M&S) | grip/camera car Norbert Możdżyński | UK/PL | 2017
Pittbull: Last Dog | feature | dir. Władysław Pasikowski | PL | 2018
XXANAXX / Marek Biliński - Duch | music video | dir. Marcin Filipek | dop Wojciech Zieliński (M&S) | precision driver Norbert Możdżyński | PL | 2019