Natalia Sternicka

production designer


Natalia Sternicka is a production designer and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the École de Condé in Paris. She studied Scenography and Interior Design for the Luxury Industry.

Natalia has worked on projects for brands including Cartier, Callebaut and Chateldon, working with clients from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Bora Bora. She also participated in a redesign of the interior of the award-winning Royal Mansour Marrakesh, recognized as Africa’s best hotel.

She’s worked on advertising projects including international campaigns executed in Poland, for clients including Intel, CeraVe, Cheetos, Lexware, RTV EURO AGD, 3M, PlayStation, Desperados and Uniqa.

Natalia’s openness to various forms of expression has helped her co-create music videos for renowned Polish artists.


PlayStation – Play Has No Limits | commercial | dir. François Rousselet | art director Natalia Sternicka | 2021
Szczyl - Cień | music video | dir. Kuba Bujas | pd Natalia Sternicka | 2021
Desperados - Virgin | commercial | dir. Antoni Nykowski | art director Natalia Sternicka
Cheetos Şekli | commercial | dir. Julia Rogowska | art director Natalia Sternicka | 2020
Bilon HG - Zamek Królewski | music video | dir. Paweł Poździk | pd Natalia Sternicka
Talenti - Raise the Jar | commercial | dir. Giovanni Messner | pd Natalia Sternicka | 2020