Miłosz Sakowski

director | screenwriter


Miłosz’s mid-length film GRANDMA’S DAY is one of the most awarded short in Poland, winning over 30 awards at the biggest festivals in Europe including Warsaw Film Festival, Film Festival Cottbus and Oscar Qualifying Foyle Film Festival.

Miłosz is also a writer of a premium TV series THE PACT for HBO and TRAUMA currently in development and a premium TV series which he developed during Series Mania 2018. Currently Miłosz is also developing his first full-length feature.

Miłosz directed commercials and music videos for T-Mobile, Heyah and Allegro as well as non-traditional branded content materials i.e. STORYLINE for Coca-Cola.


mBank - Bądź bogatszy I commercial I dir. Miłosz Sakowski I 2018
69,90 - Czarne Lusterko I promotional short for Netlix I dir. Miłosz Sakowski I 2018
Heyah | commercial | dir. Miłosz Sakowski | PL | 2017
T-Mobile | commercial | dir. Miłosz Sakowski | PL | 2017
Aleja Gwiazd (ft. Ania Karwan and Matheo) Allegro | music video | dir. Miłosz Sakowski | PL | 2016
Grandma's Day - teaser | short film | dir. Miłosz Sakowski | PL | 2015