Michał Misiński



Michał is the director, who began his career as the VFX designer, switching his interest to moving image after two years. His drive, determination, and passion helped him to acquire knowledge about every stage of both production and postproduction and gave means to lead teams, which makes him a fully equipped director. He works ambitiously with a unique style, ensuring that dozens of works are executed with an excellent creative vision, providing the highest quality of the craft.

Michał is immersed in the VFX world. Moreover, his passion for motorization evinces in directing numerous commercials for automotive brands, such as Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Besides, he has been gaining his professional experience working on world-recognized projects for the biggest brands and clients, as Nike, Dolby, Ubisoft, and Gaijin Entertainment, to name a few. Michał is remarkably valued in the Asian market, especially in China.

He is also co-creator of Juice, visual effects & sound studio with strong branches in VFX, animation, and design.


Dolby - Visionary | short film | dir. Michał Misiński | PL | 2019
Mitsubishi - eYi Concept | commercial | dir. Michał Misiński | PL | 2018
ABEJA - Transcoding | commercial | dir. Michał Misiński | PL | 2018
Trojan horse was a unicorn | commercial | dir. Michał Misiński | PL | 2016
Mitsubishi - Engelberg tourer | commercial | dir. Michał Misiński | dop Monika Lenczewska | 2019