Michał Marczak

director | director of photography | screenwriter


Michal's latest feature film "All These Sleepless Nights” received the award for best director at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and appeared on many top ten lists including Rolling Stone Magazine and IndieWire (also listed as one of the 100 best films of the century).

His previous film, the documentary "Fuck For Forest" was distributed theatrically in numerous countries and heralded by UK's Dazed and Confused Magazine as one of the "top ten most innovative and genre-pushing docs of recent years”.

Apart from feature projects Michal also directs music videos. He's worked with such artists as Mark Pritchard, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Jacek Sienkiewicz and Brodka.

Michal is also a commercial director who’s done work for: Sprite, Ikea, Johny Walker and Coca-Cola, only to name a few. He has received numerous awards and nominations, including Cannes YDA, Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase, Creative Circle, UKMVA. Most recently he directed a spot for Ben&Jerry’s LGBT+ campaign called "Equality Prom Dance" which went viral and became the most widely discussed Polish campaign of recent years.

Michal was listed as one of the top ten cinematographers of 2017 according to IndieWire, along names such as Roger Deakins and Hoyt van Hoytema.


Brodka x A_GIM x Rojst - Wszystko, czego dziś chcę | dir. Michał Marczak (M&S) | music video | PL | 2018
Amica | commercial | dop. Łukasz Żal | costumes Lucretia Nagabczynski | PL | 2018
Radiohead - I Promise - OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017 | Music Video | dir. Michał Marczak | dop. Monika Lenczewska (M&S) | UK/PL | 2017
Mark Pritchard ft. Thom Yorke - Beautiful People | Music Video | dir. Michał Marczak | dop. Michał Marczak, Marcin Koszałka (M&S) | UK/PL | 2016
All These Sleepless Nights - US Trailer | Feature Film | dir. Michał Marczak | dop. Michał Marczak, Maciej Twardowski | PL/UK | 2016