Martinez Swystun



Martinez Swystun is a director specializing in branded content projects and commercials for sports and lifestyle brands. His passion for extreme sports, along with his many years of practical experience, make him an expert in recreating the dynamic and competitive nature of sports in the advertisements.

Martinez began his career working in TV production for stations such as MTV London, Discovery Channel Global, MTV Polska, VIVA TV, and Extreme Sports Channel. His past experience has made him very knowledgeable in developing content for various TV formats. He has also worked as a cinematographer on numerous films, for example, Tomasz Wasilewski’s award-winning film, IN A BEDROOM.

Martinez has directed campaigns for international brands, such as Red Bull, Top Gear, Snickers, Bebio, Rockstar, Martini, Lotto, Cropp, Orlen, Wasa, Burn, Carrefour, PGE and Manta. He also directed a series of documentary films for Red Bull Media House.


Director's Reel | Showreel | dir. Martinez Swystun
Lotto - Three Santa Clauses | commercial | dir. Martinez Swystun | PL
Bebio Cosmetics with Ewa Chodakowska | commercial | dir. Martinez Swystun | PL
Wasa Crispbread | commercial | dir. Martinez Swystun | PL
Red Bull Movie - Maja Kuczyńska | Branded Content | dir. Martinez Swystun | ES, PL
CROPP - Winter | commercial | dir. Martinez Swystun | AT, PL
Red Bull - My Startup | documentary series | dir. Martinez Swystun | USA, PH, SI, DE