Marcin Koszałka

director of photography | director


Cinematographer in many significant works of contemporary Polish cinema; two-time winner of the award for Best Cinematography at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and Bronze Frog at Camerimage, thrice nominated for the Polish Film Awards: Eagles. A member of the Polish and European Film Academy. Marcin is also a director of documentaries and feature films, for which he writes scripts and is involved in the editing process.

In 1999, after making two short films, he made his debut as a director with "Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to", a document focused on relations within his own family. The movie was awarded at festivals in Berlin, Cracow and Nyon. His subsequent movies brought him numerous awards at festivals in Karlovy Vary, Chicago, Leipzig, Cracow, Tampere, Tehran, Trento.

His best known movies are: "The Existence", "Death with a Human Face", "Whole Day Together", "Till it Hurts", "Let's run away from her", "Declaration of Immortality", "The Lust Killer”.


Dragoste 1. Câine | feature film | dir. Florin Șerban | DP Marcin Koszałka | PL / ROM | 2018
Marcin Koszałka works | showreel | 2016
Dark, almost night - trailer | feature film | dir. Borys Lankosz | PL | 2018
The Red Spider - trailer | feature film | dir. Marcin Koszałka | PL | 2015
Baczewski Ostatnia butelka | commercial | PL | 2015
Happiness of the World | feature film | dir. Michał Rosa | PL | 2016