Marcin Koszałka

director of photography | director


Marcin’s experience includes feature films, documentaries and TV dramas. He has been working with the acclaimed Polish filmmakers such as Bogdan Dziworski, Borys Lankosz, Magdalena Piekorz, Michal Rosa just to name a few. Marcin’s domain is specialist photography with special regard to aerial and underwater photography as well as photography involving application of Alpine climbing techniques.

Marcin is one of the best Polish documentalist. His documentary debut - "Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to" immediately put him on the map. Marcin is a multi-awarded filmmaker including „Golden Lions” for the cinematography at the Festival of Polish Feature Films in Gdynia and „Bronze Frog” at Camerimage and other awards in Lipsk, Tampere, Karlovy Vary, Berlin, Teheran, Nyon, Chicago and Cracow. Last year he directed his feature debut THE RED SPIDER on which he was also as cinematographer, screenwriter and editor. The film was nominated to PSC Award, Polish Film Awards and was in the main competition at Camerimage Festival. Marcin is also the winner of Jantar award for the best cinematography for THE RED SPIDER at Film Festival in Koszalin. With the same title, Marcin received Special Award at Gdynia Film Festival 2016.

Marcin is a member of European Film Academy, Polish Society of Cinematographers, Polish Film Academy and Polish Filmmakers Association.

Marcin graduated from the Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland where defended his PhD and now he teaches future generation of filmmakers.



2015 The Red Spider | dir. Marcin Koszalka

2014 Close-ups | dir. Magdalena Piekorz

2011 Entanglement | dir. Jacek Bromski

2009 Reverse | dir. Borys Lankosz

2008 Scratch | dir. Michal Rosa

2008 Drowsiness | dir. Magdalena Piekorz

2005 The Lovers of Marona | dir. Izabella Cywinska

2004 Welts | dir. Magdalena Piekorz


2015 The Red Spider


2012 The Lust Killer

2010 Let’s Run Away From Her

2010 Declaration of Immortality

2008 Sentenced to Life

2008 Till it Hurts

2007 The Existence

2006 User-Friendly Death

2006 All Day Together | dop Adam Nocon

2004 It Will Be All right

2003 Made in Poland

2003 Name Day | dop Przemyslaw Kaminski

1999 Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to