Małgorzata Fudala

costume designer


Małgorzata Fudala is a costume designer, working primarily on feature films and TV series, as well as advertisements and photo sessions. A graduate of Anthropology at the University of Warsaw.

The effects of Małgorzata’s impressive work can be seen in the feature film SWEAT (dir. Magnus von Horn, prod. Lava Films), which was included in the 2020 Festival de Cannes Official Selection and received the main jury prize (Gold Hugo) at the 56th Chicago International Film Festival. Małgorzata also worked on the film THE TASTE OF PHO (dir. Mariko Bobrik, prod. Lava Films), which had its international premiere at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. She gained valuable experience working on films such as: I AM LYING NOW, ALL FOR MY MOTHER, SATAN SAID DANCE, and COLD WAR.

Małgorzata was the costume designer for KLANGOR (dir. Łukasz Kośmicki, prod. Opus), a Canal+ Original TV series, and the film THE HATCHER (dir. Grzegorz Mołda, prod. Harine Films).

Małgorzata has collaborated on advertisements for international brands such as Orange, T-Mobile, Zott, Pepsi, Castorama, Vectra, and more.


Klangor - Trailer | dir. Łukasz Kośmicki | cd Małgorzata Fudala | 2021
SWEAT | dir. Magnus von Horn | pd Jagna Dobesz | cd Małgorzata Fudala | 2020
Ricochets - trailer | Short Film | dir. Jakub Radej | cd Małgorzata Fudala | 2019
Dom - Rewind | Music Video | dir. Florian Malak | dp Wojtek Zieliński | cd Małgorzata Fudala | 2011