Małgorzata Biedrońska



Małgorzata’s original script for a crime TV series THE AGREEMENT was picked-up for international Midpoint TV Launch workshop and developed under the supervision of Colombia University professor Alan Kingsberg, HBO producer Steve Matthews and Bron film director Rumle Hammerich. Script will be produced by Telemark.

Małgorzata also works on an upcoming feature rom-com KARMA produced by Akson Studio and a feature action movie NEW YEAR'S EVE for Watchout Studio. Małgorzata is involved in several TV series projects as well. They include the development of sci-fi/comedy series for Platige Image, Czech Republic’s comedy TV series PROMOTION and a gangster TV series KING OF DOPE that follows the life of first private cocaine dealer in London.

Currently Małgorzata develops her first English feature script LOVE based in modern London under the supervision of Leszek Dawid.