Magdalena Górka

director of photography


Feature, commercial and documentary director of photography. Lives in Venice, California. She was a DoP of several films produced in Poland (JACK STRONG, GLINA) and in US (IRREPLACEABLE YOU, AN ORDINARY MAN, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, I'M STILL HERE).

Magdalena Górka shot commercials for many prestigious brands including: Ford, Mercedes and BMW, as well as music videos for music stars including Elton John and Katy Perry.


An Ordinary Man - official trailer I dir. Brad Silberling I dop Magdalena Górka I US I 2017
BMW Mobile | commercial | dop Magdalena Górka | US | 2016
Physiogel I commercial I dir. Brent Bonacorso I 2017
Katy Perry | music video | dir. Brent Bonacorso | dop Magdalena Górka | US | 2013
Jack Strong - official trailer 1 | feature film | dir. Władysław Pasikowski | dop Magdalena Górka | PL | 2014
Ford | commercial | dir. Brent Bonacorso UK | 2016