Maciej Zieliński



Maciej’s work experience ranges from classical music to scores for film and theater, to regular songs and original TV soundtracks.

Maciek is working on many international projects. Many of them enjoyed significant commercial success and the audience recognizes Maciej for his soundtracks to many Polish blockbusters. His works were released on nearly thirty albums and many of them went gold or platinum.

Maciej has won many national and international awards. In February 2012, Maciej Zielinski received a nomination for Frederic 2012 Award in the "Best Composer Of The Year" category. Maciej composed the music for the film HUMBLE SERVANTS directed by Mariusz Gawrys, which won a Special Prize for the most applauded movie of the Gdynia Film Festival 2016. The score is currently nominated for The Eagles 2017 Award (Polish Film Awards).

Maciek is a member of Polish Film Academy and European Film Academy (EFA).

Maciej graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and Royal Academy of Music in London.



2017 Just a Friendship | dir. Filip Zybler

2016 Alaska Is a Drag (post- production) | dir. Shaz Bennett

2016 Humble Servants | dir. Mariusz Gawrys

2015 Natureland (post-production) | dir. Malcolm Murray

2015 Sucked In 2 | dir. Piotr Weresniak

2014 The Photographer | dir. Waldemar Krzystek

2011 Oh, Karol 2 | dir. Piotr Weresniak

2008 It Is Not as You Think, Darling | dir. Slawomir Krynski

2008 Don't Lie Me, Sweetheart | dir. Piotr Weresniak

2007 Why Not! | dir. Ryszard Zatorski, Monika Figura

2006 Just Love Me | dir. Ryszard Zatorski

2004 Never Ever! | dir. Ryszard Zatorski

1996 Street games | dir. Krzysztof Krauze


2008 Mystery Zone | dir. Maciej Puczynski

2004 Criminal Department | dir. Ryszard Zatorski, Piotr Weresniak


2015 Floating On Fire | dir. The Bartos Brothers