Maciej Zieliński



Music composer who wrote scores for many Polish blockbusters, thrillers and action films. Nominated for The Eagles - Awards of Polish Film Academy. In 2012 Maciej received an individual nomination for Fryderyk, prestigious Polish Music Award, in the "Best Composer of the Year" category.

Maciej is the author of THAT TIME OF YEAR comprised in proMODERN’s SHAKESPIRED album, which was awarded two Fryderyk Awards in the categories of “Classical Music Album of The Year” and “The Most Outstanding Polish Recording” in 2018.

Maciej was a composer for US produced thriller DESOLATION, directed by David Moscow and ALASKA IS A DRAG, directed by Szaz Bennett.


Alaska Is A Drag I feature film I dir. Szaz Bennett I 2018
Desolation I feature film I dir. David Moscow I 2018
Humble Servants - trailer | feature film | dir. Mariusz Gawrys | PL | 2016
The Photographer - making of (music score) | feature film | dir. Waldemar Krzystek | PL | 2014
Floating on Fire - the story of Floodwall - trailer | feature documentary | dir. Bartos Brothers | PL | 2016
The Watchmaker | short film | dir. Maciej Kawalski | PL | 2011