Jakub Burakiewicz

director of photography


Jakub Burakiewicz has been the director of photography for numerous short films and documentaries, as well as international advertising campaigns.

Jakub was awarded Adweek’s Grand Prix for the Samsung MISSED SPACEFLIGHT commercial. He also won the Papaya Young Directors award for the Allegro commercial (dir. Paweł Zdanowski).

Jakub received an award for his cinematography for the at the Teatroteka Fest in 2018 for SILENT NIGHT (dir. Paweł Paszta). Jakub received a Special Prize for Cinematography for his beautiful work on the feature film TRIPLE TROUBLE at the Children’s Film Festival Seattle. The documentary HERBERT, A BARBARIAN IN THE GARDEN with cinematography by Jakub will premiere this year at the 18th edition of the Millenium Docs Against Gravity festival. The short film MY SON LOCKS HIMSELF IN THE BATHROOM with cinematography by Jakub will appear in the National Competition at the 61st edition of the Kraków Film Festival.

He has worked on campaigns for Samsung, IKEA, McDonald's, Puma OtoMoto, Tymbark, Lidl, Winiary, Sizeer, Rosmann, Vision Express, Unilever, and others. Recently, he shot the commercial for Browar Tenczynek, starring punk rock star legend Iggy Pop.


Triple Trouble | feature film | dir. Marta Karwowska | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | PL | 2020
7 Facts | short film | dir. Piotr Matejkowski | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | edit. Kuba Tomaszewicz | PL | 2020
BUH | commercial | dir. Jacek Kołodziejski & Anna Łoskiewicz | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | PL | 2021
Samsung x Maffashion | commercial | dir. Alan Willmann | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | PL | 2020
Little Chef - Summer Cooking Camp | commercial | dir. Jakubowska/Gronowski | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | mua Olga Nejbauer | PL | 2020
Durex x The Dumplings | music video | dir. Daniel Jaroszek | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | PL | 2019 |
Samsung - The Missed Spaceflight | commercial | dir. Bartosz Dombrowski | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | PL | 2017
Puma x Vienio x Kosi - Uliczne Legendy | music video | dir. Piotr Matejkowski | dp Jakub Burakiewicz | PL | 2018