Jacek Szymański

tabletop director | director of photography


Jacek Szymański is a food and live-action director and cinematographer specializing in food commercials with impressive tabletop shots and high-speed motion control. Jacek has collaborated with multiple international production houses on commercials for leading food and beverage brands, such as Milka, Heinz, Goody, Wedel, Kujawski, Biedronka, Winiary, Lubella, Pepsi, McDonald’s and KFC.

Previously, he has also worked as a director on music videos for established artists such as Ray Wilson (from Genesis), Marek Piekarczyk, Kobranocka, Patrycja Markowska, and Golec.

Szymański was also the photographer for „Heartmade by atelier Amaro,” a photo album dedicated to the first Polish restaurant to be awarded a one-star Michelin Guide rating.

He enjoys creative freedom, which has helped him achieve a distinctive and eye-catching style. He strives for perfection in his storytelling and enthusiastically takes on new challenges.


Food Showreel 2021 | dir/dop Jacek Szymański
Sabroso (director's cut) | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | PK
McDonald’s - Big Mac (director’s cut) | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | PL
Shari’s Berries | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | USA
The Road to the Nature | short film | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | PL | 2019
Karmi - Frozen Coffee Beer | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | editor Kuba Tomaszewicz | cd Marta Harner | PL | 2020
Shan Shoop Noodles | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański
Jeronimo Martins - Black Series #1 | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | PL | 2019
Jeronimo Martins - Italy. World Made from Food | commercial | dir/dop Jacek Szymański | PL | 2018