Jacek Podgórski

director of photography


Director of photography for numerous short and feature films. He received the award for best cinematography for THE MUTE (2018) dir. Bartosz Konopka during the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2018.

His talent was also visible in the short film, MOLOCH (2015) dir. Szymon Kapelniak, for which he received the Jan Machulski Award for Polish Independent Cinema. In 2017, he was recognized for his camera work in BIKINI BLUE (2017) at the Romford Film Festival, Mindfield Film Festival, Birmingham Film Festival and was awarded the North American Film Award and Los Angeles Movie Award. He also shot the music video for Artur Rojek’s SPORT LIFE which received the Gold prize at the Queen Palm International Film Festival in 2020.

Jacek worked as a cinematographer on commercials for banks, fashion brands, and insurance companies.

Recently he worked on NAJMRO (dir.Mateusz Rakowicz), which is set to premiere later this year.


Artur Rojek - Sportowe życie | music video | dir. Michał Marczak (M&S) | dp Jacek Podgórski | PL | 2020
The Mute - trailer | feature film | dir. Bartosz Konopka | dp Jacek Podgórski | PL | 2018
Sokół x Samsung | commercial | dir. Łukasz Zabłocki | dp Jacek Podgórski | PL | 2019
Bikini Blue - trailer | feature film | dir. Jaroslaw Marszewski | dp Jacek Podgórski | PL | 2017