Ernest Wilczyński

director of photography


Camera operator in Paweł Pawlikowski’s COLD WAR (Main Competition at the 71. Film Festival in Cannes and 2018 Camerimage Festival), Poland’s official Oscar candidate in the Best Foreign Film category.

Ernest was responsible for cinematography on a US produced documentary by director John Sullivan, currently in post-production. Cinematographer on Teresa Czepiec’s RADWAN, nominated in National Competition at the Krakow Film Festival 2018 and in Short Documentary Films Competition at the 2018 Camerimage Festival. One of his first cinematography credits include BARBAKAN, a short directed by Bartłomiej Żmuda awarded at film festivals in Croatia and Belgrade.

For years Ernest was a close collaborator of cinematographers Monika Lenczewska (Under the Tree, Trust, City of Lies) and Oscar-nominated Łukasz Żal (Ida, Cold War).


Radwan - trailer | short | dir. Teresa Czepiec | PL | 2018
Natalia Nykiel - Łuny | music video | dir. Łukasz Zabłocki | PL | 2018
Ernest Wilczyński | Reel
Black Mirror - 69.90 - Netflix I promotion I PL I 2017
AHA feat. Pezet - „Otsochodzi” I music video I dir. Filip Bartczak I dop Ernest Wilczyński I PL I 2017
Kayah feat. Gregorz Hyży - „Podatek od Miłości” I music video I dir. Filip Bartczak I dop Ernest Wilczyński I PL I 2017
Niewidzialni (Invisibles) | public service ad | PL | 2016
The Caged Swallow – trailer I feature film I dir. Bartosz Warwas I PL I 2014
Sandland - trailer I short film I dir. Bartłomiej Żmuda I PL I 2014