Bartosz Nalazek

director of photography | light designer


Most recently Bartosz finished shooting a feature film Tell It To The Bees (dir. Annabel Jankel) in Scotland, which is a screen adaptation of Fiona Shaw’s novel.

Bartosz was selected for The Emerging Cinematographer Award in 2014 by The International Cinematographers Guild for the series of short films for New York Times Magazine starring, among others, Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Bradley Cooper. Bartosz used to assist Janusz Kamiński on Steven Spielberg WAR HORSE, LINCOLN and BRIDGE OF SPIES. Bartosz debuted with THE ARTISTS directed by Monika Strzepka. THE ARTISTS were nominated for the best TV series of 2016 by the Polish Film Academy and received positive reviews pointing out outstanding visual style of the show.


The Artists (Artyści) - trailer | tv series | dir. Monika Strzępka | dop Bartosz Nalazek | PL | 2016
DoP Bartosz Nalazek - Presentation Reel 2016
Making a scene - Bradley Cooper | short film | dir. Janusz Kamiński | dop Bartosz Nalazek | US | 2014
Kasia Kowalska - Aya | music video | dir. Kasia Kowalska | dop Bartosz Nalazek | PL | 2016