Andrzej Wojciechowski

director of photography


Andrzej was a cinematographer on FLYING BLIND directed by Kasia Klimkiewicz, a Polish blockbuster THESE DAUGHTERS OF MINE, directed by Kinga Dębska, and critically acclaimed WALPURGIS NIGHT, directed by Marcin Bortkiewicz. His most recent films include Kinga Dębska’s PLAN B and CONCERTO FOR TWO, directed by Tomasz Drozdowicz, which opened the 2018 Krakow Film Festival.


Plan B - trailer I feature film I dir. Kinga Debska I PL I 2018
Flying Blind - trailer | feature film | dir. Katarzyna Klimkiewicz | UK | 2012
These Daughters of Mine | feature film | dir. Kinga Dębska | PL | 2015
Walpurgis Night | feature film | dir. Marcin Bortkiewicz | PL | 2015
Zgoda na życie | social campaign | dir. Anna Jadowska | 2016
Flying is a passion! | commercial | 2016