Adam Mendry

steadicam operator


Adam Mendry is a steadicam operator with great passion for three dimensional camera movement, residing in Poland.

In 2012, the inventor of steadicam, Garrett Brown, offered Adam a scholarship at Tiffen Steadicam Silver Workshop in Oxford, UK. In 2013 Adam studied under Garrett Brown at Tiffen Steadicam Gold Workshop in Istambul, Turkey. Since then Adam worked on numerous feature films, shorts and commercials in Poland and internationally (Mexico, India, Morocco, Italy, Belgim, Malta, just to name a few).

Adam uses STEADICAM GPI PRO Systems - the leading steadicam technology and equipment on the market. He is a Member of the Association of Camera Operators.


Adam Mendry - Steadicam Operator | showreel | 2016
Nike ’Never Ask’ | commercial | dir. Daniel Wolfe | DP Monika Lenzewska | UK | 2018
Jupiler 'We Are Belgium' | commercial | dir. Billy Pols | DP Frank Van Den Eeden | BE | 2018
Ambition | short film | dir. Tomasz Bagiński | PL | 2014
Hardkor Disko - trailer | feature film | dir. Krzysztof Skonieczny | PL | 2014
Warsaw' 44 - trailer | feature film | dir. Jan Komasa | PL | 2014